Minggu, September 07, 2008

The Father The Sister and The Carrousel

This simple film narrated three plots. Diastri that wanted to see the Carrousel, Lian that wanted to buy her little sister a bicycle, and Jenny that wanted to meet his father. The plot proceeded in their determination in achieving his aim. A hard work will produce the extraordinary achievement. The film directed by the director Arie Surastio this took the location shooting in Surabaya that was hot and occasionally “tidak bersahabat”. This film was enough to be different from Arie films beforehand that tended contemporary and was difficult to be understood. The FATHER the SISTER AND THE CARROUSEL was enough to find it easy to be followed but not significant so easy like available films in our television. 38 students MMTC helped Arie in producing this film. They came from the jumping film communities the number in MMTC. A hard work that ought to be pointed out the thumb. Although having several quite painful matters that were caused by the third party, but this film stayed essential for several crew of Comulus Film.

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